Design for take-away!
monday, 28 march 2011, 10:21 am
The 2011 Spring Kreatimm Design Fair accompanies the annual Exhibition of the Kozma Lajos Craft Arts Scholarship and Moholy-Nagy Design Grant Holders. This time we put the emphasis on those particular artists, who were introduced this year or the previous years on the scholarship display.
We make the encounter with the exhibitors and their works became a significant experience for the artists as well as for the visitors. The differences and correspondences between the artworks of craft and design are instructive and interesting, and the exhibition displays this relationship in an experimental way.

The surrounding objects are important and the greatest acknowledgement for their designers is to see them used by many people. Whether it is a cardigan, a bag, a piece of jewellery or a china set, sometimes these artworks are coming down generation after generation. Nowadays this kind of long term use is the part of the eco lifestyle, which starts to gain more presence. The fashion trends are adapted to this new approach, and the customers also favour high quality and originality.

The Kreatimm is aiming to introduce the generations of Hungarian designers and their works, to create an object culture, which emphasises the structure, quality and the function as well as the artist himself. We see the way which led to the practical design and object culture of everydays and we would like to share it with the audience. Kreatimm – Design for take-away!

Design fair at the Museum of Applied Arts
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 3 April 2011
Spring rebooted by design!

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